Holistic Care

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Holistic , bespoke care centered completely around your wellbeing. Authentic, Indulgent surroundings at the heart of Kampala City. We invite you to disconect and authentically reconnect.

Mummy To Be Packages


You are a miracle in motion.

Calabash-Spa-&-salon- Beautiful Expectancy

Mummy To Be

A wonderful combination of a gentle sugar exfoliation to improve skin radiance, elasticity and help fight stretch marks coupled with a beautiful expectancy prenatal massage to reduce tension & soothe the mommy to be.

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Beautiful Expectancy

Under the loving and skillful intuitive touch of our therapists,
you will be treated to a soothing and re-energizing experience. Our nurturing and customised full body pre-natal massage is designed to relieve built up tension, reduce back and neck pain and soothe the nervous system.

Calabash Spa & salon Swedish-Massage

Head Over Heels

A delicate combination of a gentle foot massage to ease water retention, pain in the feet and heavy legs coupled with a deep cleansing facial to keep the skin balanced during this special journey.


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Mum to be packages

You are more than deserving, You are a miracle in motion & we are privileged to be part of the Journey

Beautiful Expectancy90 min.160,000Ushs
Mummy to be135 min.240,000Ushs
Head Over Heels120 min.230,000Ushs
Deservingly So120 min.260,000Ushs
Gentlemen Packages

Because a man who takes care of himself is a king indeed

Gentlemen's Day135 min.360,000Ushs
Stoned180 min.310,000Ushs
The King150 min.320,000Ushs

Deservingly so

Enjoy a post-natal massage to soothe and reduce the aches that come with child birth, our dedicated therapists will delicately work on the body as a whole to ease you into the new journey of motherhood with customized techniques followed by a hot towel compress to enhance relief.

Gentlemen's Packages

Because a man who takes care of himself is king indeed

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Gentleman’s Day

Turkish Bath, Deep tissue massage, Beard shave.

The King

Aroma 60 mins, deep cleansing facial, nail cut & shape.


Hot stone Mani - Pedi Lux.

Classic Massage Treatments


It is in the responding to the body's cry for balance where healing begins.

Calabash Spa & salon Swedish-Massage

Naturing Aromatherapy

This medium pressure massage uses a blend of essential oils to completely calm the mind and re-balance the body. This is an ideal massage for those making a commitment to improve their holistic well being, boost their immune system and rejuvenate the body as a whole.

Restorative Deep Tissue

This massage not only relaxes but allows for the relief of chronic pain, posture problems , repetitive strain and the release of deeply held patterns of tension helping the muscles to once again operate at full capacity.


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Naturing Aromatherapy
Single  120 min. 180,000Ushs
 90 min. 160,000Ushs
 60 min. 140,000Ushs
Couple  120 min. 350,000Ushs
 90 min. 310,000Ushs
 60 min. 270,000Ushs
Restorative Deep Tissue
Single 120 min. 210,000Ushs
90 min. 190,000Ushs
60 min. 160,000Ushs
Couple 120 min. 410,000Ushs
90 min. 370,000Ushs
60 min. 310,000Ushs

** ADD Hot stones at Ugx. 50,000 person on 90min and 120min only

Hot River Stone Massage
Single120 min.200,000Ushs
90 min.180,000Ushs
Couple120 min.390,000Ushs
90 min.350,000Ushs
Indian Head Massage
Single60 min.100,000Ushs
Couple60 min.190,000Ushs
Reflexology with Sticks
Single 60 min. 100,000Ushs
Couple 60 min. 190,000Ushs

Treating the body via the feet, by understanding how the body’s organs respond to pressure applied on the reflex points on the feet, our therapist use reflexology techniques and sticks to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. This is a highly nurturing treatment.

Calabash Spa & salon - Deep Tissue

Hot River Stone Massage

This hand and stone massage is a powerful therapeutic
treatment that uses smooth, warm stones to promote a profound sense of relaxation. Gliding the stones along the muscles, the massage corrects tensions at the deepest level.

Indian Head Massage

This Indian Head Massage helps relieve stress-induced
tension in the head, neck and shoulders. It promotes clarity of mind while relieving migraine or tension headaches. A gentle facial massage of the pressure points is also included.

Signature Massage Treatments


Enhancing your wellness and healing with herbs, spices, trees and their fruits.

Calabash Spa & salon Swedish-Massage

Calabash Massage

Using different sized and shaped calabashes the massage therapist applies perpendicular pressure, rolls or circles on various body parts to ease tension of muscles, tendons, and other soft tissue. Herbal oils are used giving a deeper dimension to the massage.

Cleopatra's Secret

This is a healing massage that uses a luxurious blend of red wine & honey with naturing relaxing massage techniques. It increases the body's natural ability to heal scars, and even out skin tone while restoring moisture & radiance to the skin.


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Calabash Massage
Single  120 min. 210,000Ushs
 90 min. 190,000Ushs
Couple  120 min. 400,000Ushs
 90 min. 370,000Ushs
Bamboo massage
Single 120 min.210,000Ushs
 90 min.190,000Ushs
Couple 120 min.400,000Ushs
 90 min.370,000Ushs
Cleopatra's Secret
Single 120 min. 200,000Ushs
90 min. 180,000Ushs
Couple 120 min. 390,000Ushs
90 min. 360,000Ushs
Healing Herbal Compress Massage
Single120 min.210,000Ushs
90 min.190,000Ushs
Couple120 min.410,000Ushs
90 min.370,000Ushs
Calabash Spa & salon - Deep Tissue

Bamboo massage

This Bamboo massage therapy utilizes the technique that are
more extensive to reach knots formed by lactic acid and other tension-causing wastes. It also improves the skin and assists the body in absorbing essential minerals that give your skin a healthy glow.

Healing Herbal Compress Massage

This alternative therapy uses hot compresses to help you relieve muscular stress, improve sleep, general well-being and promotes blood circulation which stimulates the lymphatic system while managing pain including non-specific lower back and body pain.

Calabash Hammam Rituals


Water is the mother of the vine, the nurse and the fountain of fecundity, the ardorner and refresher of the world.

Calabash Spa & salon Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath

This unhurried ritual with a defined course led by a Hammam
master begins with a vigorous exfoliation with a traditional kessa glove that deeply cleanses your face and body. It then flows into a nurturing personalised full body massage ending with a scalp massage.

Hammam + Aromatherapy

A full Hammam experience,which include a full exfoliation using Turkish traditional methods, following a foaming massages and a body & hair rinse, after which you will be taken to a another room for a 60 Min Aromatherapy Massage.


calabash- spa pattern
Turkish Bath
Single45 min.170,000Ushs
Couple45 min.320,000Ushs
Hammam + Aromatherapy
Single120 min.280,000Ushs
Couple120 min.520,000Ushs
Hammam + Coffee Scrub Antiageing
Single60 min.250,000Ushs
Couple60 min.480,000Ushs
Egyptian Hammam Ritual
Single120 min.320,000Ushs
Couple120 min.600,000Ushs

Royal Silk or Goat Glove Experience

Upgrade to a Silk Glove for sensitive skin or a goat glove for
cellulite breakdown and reduction for Ugx. 50,000

Calabash Spa & salon Hammam + Coffee Scrub Antiageing

Hammam + Coffee Scrub (Antiageing)

This anti- cellulite, anti-oxidant packed coffee and Hammam
exfoliation with its firm but relaxing movements from will remove your dry, dead skin, to reveal new, healthy-looking skin and relax your muscles ending with firm full body butter application.

Egyptian Hammam Ritual

This Egyptian therapeutic mud treatment perfectly combines
the effect of medicinal mud and steam. The mud, rich in mineral substances, is placed on the body by hand in the Hammam. The treatment stimulates circulation, detoxifies the body, embellishes the skin and facilitates relaxation.

Exotic Exfoliation & Wraps

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Your skin can be healthy, balanced and beautiful at any age.

Coconut & Almond Exfoliation

This is a deliciously dreamy creamy gentle moisturizing body
scrub which buffs away dead skin cells to reveal softer glowing skin coated with hints of a sweet paradise scent.

Lavender, Honey and Brown Sugar Exfoliation

Soothing, calming and heavenly. This divinely blended scrub
calms your senses, leaves your skin silky soft and goes further to heal the skin from within due to lavender's anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Cinnamon Coffee & Yogurt Exfoliation

This re-energising coffee scrub exfoliates the surface of your
skin, lifting away dull, dead skin cell buildup to leave you with more radiant complexion and an energized youthful skin.

Coffee & Lemon Wrap

Tone, tighten and treat the skin with this cellulite blasting mixture. Great for all skin types and aids in nourishing the skin and bringing back its vibrant look while keeping it younger for longer.


calabash- spa pattern
All Body Scrubs & Wraps.
Scrub Only45 min.100,000Ushs
Scrub & Wrap90 min.180,000Ushs
Calabash Spa & salon - exfolitation

Coconut & Honey Wrap

Cacoon yourself in this powerful combination of coconut oil,
raw honey and organic essential oils. This extraordinary mix with anti-aging properties will not only nourish your skin but will assist in healing/reducing psoriasis, eczema and other skin ailments.

Salt & Turmeric Glow Exfoliation

A delightful exfoliation using sea salt crystals to gently
exfoliate, soften and leave your skin glowingly buffed while the healing properties of turmeric cleanse and clear the complexion.

Lavender, Honey & Milk Wrap

This wrap improves texture and appearance of skin and gets
rid of your body’s excess fluids & toxins. The benefits include detox, a boost to your lymphatic system & metabolism, temporary inch-loss, contouring, tightening and softening.

Salt & Clay Wrap

Detoxify, reduce pain, inflammation and maintain youthful
skin and elasticity with this salt and clay wrap. Great for keeping skin toned and improving blood circulation for that radiant appearance always.

Facial Therapy


Your skin can be healthy, balanced and beautiful at any age.

Face Massage

Cleanse | Massage | Hot Towel | Moisturize
It relaxes the stiffness in your head, neck, face, meridians and drains excess facial fluid in the face that causes puffiness. it improves circulation and brings more oxygen to the skin that stimulates collagen production.

Natural Facial

Cleanse | Exfoliation | Massage | Tone | Mask | Moisturizer
A natural vitamin and mineral packed facial that detoxifies and hydrates the face. This fruit, veggie & spice facial has antioxidants and enzyme in particular measure of quantity which gets your skin glowing and healthy.

Express Facial

Cleanse | Exfoliation | Hot Towel Steam | Massage | Tone
| Mask

Our Express Facial was created specifically for the person on the go. It's uniquely designed to give maximum results in minimum time. It’s the perfect cleansing and hydration boost, formulated to refresh, renew and revitalize and works with all skin types to reveal more youthful, healthy skin.


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All natural Products

Face Massage
Single30 min.80,000Ushs
Couple30 min.150,000Ushs
Natural Facial
Single30 min.100,000Ushs
Couple30 min.190,000Ushs
Express Facial
Single45 min.120,000Ushs
Couple45 min.230,000Ushs
Deep Cleansing Facial By Healing Earth
Single 60 min. 150,000Ushs
Couple 60 min. 290,000Ushs
High Performance Tri-Enzyme Anti-Aging Facial
Single 90 min. 180,000Ushs
Couple 90 min. 350,000Ushs

High Performance Tri-Enzyme Anti-Aging Facial

Double Cleanse | Peel | Exfoliation | Extractions Optional |
Steam | Massage | Hand and Foot Massage

A high performing enzyme facial that repairs and nourishes the skin on a cellular level to correct signs of ageing. High intelligence products are used to give your skin immediate results and support collagen production.

Deep Cleansing Facial by Healing Earth

Double Cleanse | Exfoliation | Extractions Optional | Steam
| Massage | Mask | Moisturize | Mini Foot Massage

Brighten and revitalise your skin. Your therapist will address your specific skin concerns, addressing sensitivity, excess sebum, ageing, or dry and dehydrated skin in this classic maintenance facial.

Beauty Therapy


Natural Facials

Beauty Treatments

calabash- spa pattern

We delight in unveiling the beauty that lies within.

Hair Removal Waxing

(Hot wax) Hair removal done professionally.

Body Waxing
Full leg 90,000Ushs
Half leg 60,000Ushs
Full arm 65,000Ushs
Half arm 40,000Ushs
Underarms 30,000Ushs
Back 100,000Ushs
Chest 70,000Ushs
Tummy 70,000Ushs
Intimate Waxing
Full Brazilian 130,000Ushs
Brazilian 110,000Ushs
Bikini Line 50,000Ushs
Face Waxing
Beard 100,000Ushs
Upper lip 10,000Ushs
Chin 15,000Ushs
Eyebrow shaping 25,000Ushs
Full Body Waxing

Full leg,Full arm

Back, Chest,Tummy,

Full Brazilian

Full Face Wax


Upper lip, Chin

Eyebrow Shaping,

Forehead, Sides

Eyebrows 20,000Ushs
Upper Lips 15,000Ushs
Full arm 65,000Ushs
Full Face (eyebrow,
upper lip, chin, forehead)
Tweezing 10,000Ushs
Razor Eyebrows 5,000Ushs

Calabash Spa & salon -Beauty-Treatments

Calabash Spa salon - Beauty therapy

Girlfriend Packages

What's better than sharing a trealment with a friend? A package!

calabash- spa pattern

Girls out night (2 Pax)

Swedish Massage, Express, Mani Pedi Duo Express

140 Mins: Ushs 580,000

The lady within

Turkish bath, hot stone massage, express facial

150 Mins: Ushs 820,000
Calabash foot massage
Calabash Spa & Salon - The Lady Within

Kids Spa Rituals

Take time to bond, connect and make timeless memories with your little ones.

Princess package

Mani & Pedi Duo, Blow dry / Simple style, Free Cookies.

Ushs 55,000

Kids day out (upto the age of 12yrs)

Mani & Pedi Duo, Mini Kids Facial (Oatmeal & Honey Scrub)

Ushs 60,000

Kids Nail bar

Mani 30,000Ushs
Pedi 30,000Ushs
Mani Pedi Duo 50,000Ushs

Facial Removal

calabash- spa pattern
Eyebrows 20,000Ushs
Upper Lips 15,000Ushs
Full Face (eyebrow,
upper lip, chin, forehead)
Tweezing 10,000Ushs
Eyebrows 5,000Ushs