Holistic Care

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Holistic , bespoke care centered completely around your wellbeing. Authentic, Indulgent surroundings at the heart of Kampala City. We invite you to disconect and authentically reconnect.

Calabash-Spa-&-salon- Beautiful Expectancy

Mummy To Be

Lavender sugar scrub Magnolia luxurious tissue, body oil for stretch marks, scar tissue and very dry skin.

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Beautiful Expectancy

A medium to feather light lymph and muscle relief massage that helps ease the journey tp the wonder of life.

Calabash Spa & salon Swedish-Massage

Lighter Legs

Foot Massage, Mai Pedi Duo Express.


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Mum to be packages

You are more than deserving, You are a miracle in motion & we are privileged to be part of the Journey

Beautiful Expectancy 150 min. 215,000Ushs
Mummy to be 100 min. 170,000Ushs
Lighter legs 140 min. 145,000Ushs
Deservingly so 170 min. 130,000Ushs
Gentlemen Packages

Because a man who takes care of himself is a king indeed

Gentlemen's Day135 min.280,000Ushs
Stoned90 min.205,000Ushs

Gentlemen's Day

Turkish bath, Deep Tissue Massage, Beard shave

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Hot Stone Massage , Express Mani & Pedi Duo.

Deservingly so

Ease the rush of thoughts and the ache in the feet with this wonderful duo & feel both lifted up and solidly grounded at the same time.
Indian Head Massage, Foot Massage.

Massage Therapies


Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage sequences and the most potent actives available in the world today.

Calabash Spa & salon Swedish-Massage

Swedish Massage

A well designed massage that aids in tension release and overall muscle figure. A great treat for beginners and those looking for a relaxing medium to firm massage.


This luxurious essentialoil treatment is a great mood lifter which promotes healing & eases muscular aches, pains, & Sprains. Oils are specially extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits to soften, smooth and relax the muscles as well as the soul.


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Swedish Massage
Single 60 min.95,000Ushs
 90 min.120,000Ushs
 120 min.150,000Ushs
Couple 60 min.180,000Ushs
 90 min.225,000Ushs
 120 min.280,000Ushs
Single60 min.120,000Ushs
90 min.140,000Ushs
120 min.160,000Ushs
Couple60 min.230,000Ushs
90 min.265,000Ushs
120 min.300,000Ushs
Deep Tissue
Single 60 min. 140,000Ushs
90 min. 170,000Ushs
120 min. 190,000Ushs
Couple 60 min. 265,000Ushs
90 min. 320,000Ushs
120 min. 355,000Ushs
Hotstone Massage
Single 60 min. 120,000Ushs
90 min. 160,000Ushs
120 min. 180,000Ushs
Couple 60 min. 230,000Ushs
90 min. 305,000Ushs
120 min. 340,000Ushs
Calabash Spa & salon - Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue

A truly traditional massage that focuses on the deepest layer of the muscle, connecting tissue and fascia. It's beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension, repetitive strain, postural problems or recoverly from inquiry.

Hotstone Massage

Deeply relaxing massage that uses both hands and hot stone techniques to ease built up muscular tension. Hot stones will be used to massage the pressure points helping the muscle to loosen from it's point of stress.

Calabash Hammam Rituals


Blending ancient traditions and cutting edge technology, our body scrubs soothe

Calabash Spa & salon Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath Only

Relax and unwind as we begin an authentic body cleansing ceremony. It starts with relaxation in a room heated by a continuous flow of hot, wet and dry air, allowing the bather to perspire freely. The gentle heat softens the skin, preparing the skin for exfoliation on our heated stone bed,followed by a foam massage and ending with a body butter application.

Hammam + Aromatherapy

A full Hammam experience,which include a full exfoliation using Turkish traditional methods, following a foaming massages and a body & hair rinse, after which you will be taken to a another room for a 60 Min Aromatherapy Massage.


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Quality Service. Attention to Detail.
Relaxation at its best.

Turkish Bath Only
Single45 min.150,000Ushs
Couple45 min.290,000Ushs
Hammam + Aromatherapy
Single105 min.250,000Ushs
Couple105 min.475,000Ushs
Royal Hammam Experience
Upgrade 30,000Ushs
Hammam + Coffee Scrub Antiageing
Single75 min.220,000Ushs
Couple75 min.420,000Ushs
Calabash Spa & salon Hammam + Coffee Scrub Antiageing

Hammam + Coffee Scrub Antiageing

The anti-oxidant in the coffee scrub Hammam and Hammam heat coupled with the gentle but firm movements from the therapist will remove your dry, dead skin, to reveal new, healthy-looking skin and relax your muscles as end with firm body butter application.

Royal Hammam Experience

For a Royal Hammam experience, on any of the above Hammam treatments, you can upgrade to a Silk Glove for 30,000 shs. The Silk Glove has being used since the beginning of the 14th century, especially by the Turkish Sultans for unwinding after a day of imperial stress.

Exotic Exfoliation Therapies

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Body Scrubs

Coconut & Almond Exfoliation

Coconut is rich in vitamins, oils and is a very strong antioxidant. The granules from the almond unclog the pores of the skin and the coconut hydrates you revealing skin soft and smooth to touch.

Lavendar Sugar Scrub Therapy

Not only does it smell fantastic, it's a perfect exfoliator for sensitive skin leaving your skin fully moisturized, by locking in the moisture and acting as a natural antioxidant as well. With this type of scrub we mix in organic coconut oil, granulated sugar and drops of lavender essential oil

Cinnamon Coffee & Yogurt Exfoliation

By applying to the skin in a gentle circular motion, coffee cinnamon scrub exfol ales the skin, removing your dry, dead skin, to reveal new, healthy-looking skin underneath.


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All Therapies
 45 min.75,000Ushs
Calabash Spa & salon - exfolitation

Salt & Turmeric Glow Exfoliation

A delightful exfol otion using salt crystal to gently exfoliate, soften and leave your skin glowing and buffed while the anti-inflammatory and healing properties in the turmeric help cleanse and clear up the complexion of the skin. You will finish the treatment with a hydrating and moisturizing cocktail.

Ginger & Orange Scrub

Awoken your senses with this ginger and Orange scrub. An exfoliotion ritual designed to revitalise end relax. This invigorating scrub stimulates, tones and leaves the skin sensuously soft.

Lemon & Mint Scrub

Naturally refreshing essential lemon oils invigorate the sense while natural essential mint oils have activating properties. Both revitalising the body and mind.

Facial Therapy


Natural Facials

Express Facial

This mini facial is ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged. A lore refining mask is applied, followed by a light moisturizer. Mask options: Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Combination and Acne.

Calabash Spa & salon - Deep Cleansing Facial


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All natural Products

All Natural Products
Single45 min.60,000Ushs
Couple45 min.110,000Ushs
Express Facials
Single45 min.90,000Ushs
Couple45 min.170,000Ushs
Deep Cleansing Facial
Single 60 min. 120,000Ushs
Couple 60 min. 230,000Ushs

Deep Cleansing Facial

with a simple foot and hand massage

This 1 hour long facial includes steam ,exfoliation, mask and extraction followed by a face neck and shoulder massage. Mask Options: Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Combination and acne. Helping to combat Acne and reactive skin. A decongesting and antiseptic skin treatment.


Beauty Therapy


Natural Facials

Beauty Treatments

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We delight in unveiling the beauty that lies within.

Hair Removal Waxing

(Hot wax) Hair removal done professionally.

Body Waxing
Full leg 65,000Ushs
Half leg 40,000Ushs
Full arm 50,000Ushs
Half arm 30,000Ushs
Underarms 30,000Ushs
Back 70,000Ushs
Chest 70,000Ushs
Tummy 70,000Ushs
Intimate Waxing
Full Brazilian 110,000Ushs
Bikini Line 50,000Ushs
Face Waxing
Upper lip 110,000Ushs
Chin 50,000Ushs
Eyebrow shaping 25,000Ushs
Full Body waxing

Full leg,full arm

back, chest/tummy,

full Brazilian

Full face wax

Upper lip, Chin

eyebrow shaping,

forehead, sides


Calabash Spa & salon -Beauty-Treatments

Calabash Spa salon - Beauty therapy

Girlfriend Packages

What's better than sharing a trealment with a friend? A package!

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Girls out night (2 Pax)

Swedish Massage, Express, Mani Pedi Duo Express

140 Mins: Ushs 300,000

The lady within

Turkish bath, hot stone massage, express facial

165 Mins: Ushs 350,000
Calabash foot massage
Calabash Spa & Salon - The Lady Within

Kids Spa Rituals

Take time to bond, connect and make timeless memories with your little ones.

Princess package

Mani & Pedi Duo, Blow dry / Simple style, Free Cookies.

Ushs 55,000

Kids day out (upto the age of 12yrs)

Mani & Pedi Duo, Mini Kids Facial (Oatmeal & Honey Scrub)

Ushs 60,000

Kids Nail bar

Mani 30,000Ushs
Pedi 30,000Ushs
Mani Pedi Duo 50,000Ushs

Facial Removal

calabash- spa pattern
Upper Lips10,000Ushs
Full Face (eyebrow, upper lip,
chin, forehead)
Eyebrows 5,000Ushs